Journey to Rulantica at Europa-Park closes next week to make way for Mack Gameplay Theater

Europa Park Journey to Rulantica
The entrance to Journey to Rulantica (© Europa-Park)

With the 50th anniversary of Europa-Park coming up in 2025, it has long since been an open secret that the park is working on a new attraction for that year. It was revealed today by Michael Mack, CEO of Europa-Park, that their Revolving Theatre Journey to Rulantica will be closing its doors for good after this week. The final day of operation is set to be Sunday 2 June, after which the old theatre will be making way for a new type of show ride, known as the Gameplay Theater.

The closure doesn’t come as a surprise. The park had expressed interest before in turning Journey to Rulantica, which is still commonly referred to as Historama, into a new type of ride. It was first mentioned in an issue of German trade journal Kirmes & Park Revue and subsequently picked up by It just remained to be seen then this plan would come to fruition.

The Tweet by Michael Mack on Twitter / X

Earlier this month, Europa-Park founder Roland Mack confirmed in an interview with German newspaper Badischen Zeitung that for the park’s 50 anniversary, a new ride was planned for the Luxembourg area, finally sealing the fate of Journey to Rulantica. Subsequently, the opening year for the Gameplay Theater was announced. Following the Tweet of Michael Mack, the Europa-Park account on Facebook chimed in to confirm that the closure date of the current ride is 2 June. Europa-Park turns 50 on 12 July 2025.

A look inside Journey to Rulantica (© Dark Ride Database)

The Gameplay Theater is a further development of the Revolving Theatre concept by Mack Rides, featuring gondolas on an endless loop fitted with interactive guns. The gondolas, in which guests are seated back to back, can rotate around, offering a combination of physical sets on one side and projections on the other.

Mack 4
Concept art showcasing the workings of the Gameplay Theater (© Mack Rides)
Promotional video for the Gameplay Theater (© Mack Rides on YouTube)

Journey to Rulantica is located in the Luxembourg area found centrally in the park, in the base of the bright blue cone that houses the FoodLoop restaurant upstairs. When it opened in 1990, it was Mack’s first Revolving Theatre and was known as Das Lila Geheimnis (The Purple Secret). It was an animatronics show, sponsored by Milka, that told the story of how chocolate is made. The show offered 6 scenes which were on a stationary platform in the middle, with 6 theatres offering 70 seats each, rotating around it.

The show was turned into eMotional for the 1999 season, doing away with the chocolate theme and focusing on fountains and lasers. Many more incarnations followed until it opened in 2010 as Historama, going over the history of the park for its 35th anniversary. During this retheme, the theatre was redesigned, now offering just 3 scenes. In 2018, Historama was turned into Journey to Rulantica to coincide with the newly opened Rulantica water park, also owned by the Mack family.

Revolving Theater makes way for new interactive ride
One of the scenes on Journey to Rulantica (© Dark Ride Database)
Europa Park 3
Arial view of Europa-Park, the unmistakable cone in which the ride is located found centrally (© Dark Ride Database)