Intamin presents new Motion Tower immersive show ride system

Intamin Motion Tower
Concept image of the Motion Tower (© Intamin Amusement Rides)

Swiss ride manufacturer Intamin Amusement Rides has a wide range of immersive show ride systems in their portfolio. This week, they presented the newest concept in this product range: the Motion Tower. The new ride concept has been dubbed the “re-invention of the Flying Theatre”, referring to the highly popular flight simulator ride system. The Motion Tower however offers more opportunities relating to the movement of the seats, especially the possibilities for drop movements throughout the ride.

According to Intamin, “the Motion Tower has been designed with a wide variety of locations in mind, ranging from theme parks and the like to all different kinds of tourism destinations and shopping malls as a standalone attraction.” Riders of the Motion Tower will take a seat on an 80-person platform, which is supported between two towers that stand at 29 meters tall. In front of the riders is an immense screen, similar to a flying theatre, and the platform can be risen or dropped parallel to the screen. Motion effects like heave, roll, pitch and drop are able to be combined with effects such as wind and smell to create an immersive combination between film and motion.

20220906 MotionTower4
Concept image of the Motion Tower in action (© Intamin Amusement Rides)

The Motion Tower is one of many immersive ride systems Intamin has presented during the last few years. In autumn 2021, the company presented the Dome Ride Theater in combination with Attraktion! A few years earlier, the Ultra Tower was already introduced in collaboration with Raven Sun Creative. So far, these concepts have not resulted in a installation in a theme park, but we are curious as to whether we might see one arriving in the coming years.

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