Inka Park: first theme park in Peru

Inka Park
© Inka Park / Jora Vision

Today saw the announcement of the development of a new theme park resort in Peru: Inka Park. The park is to become the first real theme park in Latin America and is set to open in the fall of 2026. Plans for the resort were revealed today during the IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona. The resort will consist of a theme park, water park, botanical gardens, landscape park, golf course and multiple accommodations.

Dutch theme park design company Jora Vision has created the master plan of Inka Park. The park will be themed to the local history and culture of Peru, with storytelling as an important part of the experience. The overall story focusses on Sayri, an Inca boy who invites you to relive his adventures. The park is divided in six zones that each focus on a different part of Peru’s history and culture.

Current plans contain 59 attractions and shows, among them three dark rides. According to creative director Sjors van Roosmalen, all rides are still in pre-planning and subjective to changes, but he gave insight on the planned dark rides. We will see thrilling dark ride ride in the Expedition Paititi-area. In the ride, riders will try to find and preserve an archeological treasure, before a group of treasure hunters finds them for the profit. The Spirit Grove area will be a colorful world that appeals to the children. It will contain a joyful dark ride where the old Peruvian spirits will show how people all kinds of festivities from around the world. In a third dark ride in the City of the Sun-area, riders are taking a boatride through the palace of the Inca King.

First impression of the City of the Sun, including the dark ride show building © Inka Park / Jora Vision

Besides the dark rides, the park will contain several roller coasters and water rides. Many of these rides will contain indoor scenes that might qualify them as a semi-dark ride. One ride that stood out was the ‘Flight of the Condor’-rollercoaster in the ‘Cloud Forest’-area. At the end of the dark ride section, riders are saved by a condor and take a flight on its back. This area of the park will also contain a Flying Theatre, showing areal images of Peru.

The resort will be built simultaniously with a new city ‘Moche City’, on the north coastline of the country. The city is built with high sustainability standards, something that is reflected on the resort. The creators of the resort believe that it is important to tell these Peruvian myths and legends, as they give important lessons in human values and enviromental issues. With Inka Park, they hope that every visitor will be inspired to become a better person and make the world a better, sustainable place.