Carowinds closes Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena
Interactive theatre Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena closed for good
New for Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden: Drachen Magic
Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden builds first dark ride ‘Drachen Magic’
Animatronic manufacturer and dark ride company Heimotion closes its doors
Heimotion has announced that the company will be shut down


Report: An adventure in the world of Jumanji at Gardaland
Team DRdb visited the new dark ride Jumanji – the Adventure
Review: Volkanu, on a Quest for the Golden Idol
Review of the newly opened dark ride at Lost Island Themepark
Spotlight: Take Flight – Wilderness Resort
Let’s take a flight on Wilderness Resort’s Take Flight flying theatre.
The dawn of the dark ride: Turn-of-the-Century developments leading to the world’s first dark rides
The rise of the world’s first dark rides around 1900
Madhouses I: The Origin of the Haunted Swing
The full story on the preceder of the modern Madhouse; the Haunted Swing.

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