Phantasialand’s Hollywood Tour is confirmed to being demolished

King Kong in the final scene in Hollywood Tour (© Dark Ride Database)
King Kong in the final scene in Hollywood Tour (© Dark Ride Database)

Phantasialand’s free flow water dark ride Hollywood Tour has been the subject of speculation over the last few years. The ride has been closed since summer 2020, without much information given out as to why by the park. The silence led to rumours about a possible reopening or the definite closure of the ride after an uncertain period of almost 3 years. Recently taken photographs now show that most of the scenes have been demolished, meaning that the ride is in fact gone for good.

Leaked photos taken in December of last year were published by regional news site and show some of the interior of the ride in its current state. Visible are the stripped down scenes of what were once the Wizard of Oz and Sinbad the Sailor. All that is seemingly left standing upright are the mechanical structures of the animatronics.

The station of Hollywood Tour (© Dark Ride Database)
‘Jaws’-scene (© Dark Ride Database)

Hollywood Tour opened in 1990 in the same building as the Space Centre rollercoaster (now Crazy Bats) that opened two years earlier. Starting with a drop and plash, the boats took riders through scenes of various famous classic Hollywood movies, such as Jaws, Frankenstein, Tarzan and King Kong. The ride was designed by Richard Schmidt, co-founder of Phantasialand.

The ride system, built by Intamin Amusement Rides, consisted of 15 boats that would take 20 riders on a 10 minute journey. The theming was partially created by Phantasialand themselves, with animatronics supplied by Hofmann Figuren.

Phantasialand is known for its secrecy and has not commented on the pictures or the current state of Hollywood Tour itself. No information has been revealed on a possible replacement ride.

Sinbad the Sailor-scene (© Dark Ride Database)
20,000 Leagues under the Sea-scene (© Dark Ride Database)