Hollywood Tour at Phantasialand remains closed

Hollywood Tour during summer 2020 © Dark Ride Database

Phantasialand reopened it’s doors today, after a prolonged closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their Hollywood Tour dark ride remains missing from the attraction line-up. Last summer, the ride coped with persistent downtime, prompting it to stay closed ever since the end of June.

According to rumor, severe water damage caused the closure in the first place. The park has been silent on the matter and quietly removed the attraction from its park map and app. A photo on Facebook taken today by fan page PHL-Infos shows even the safety instructions leaflet has been removed from the entrance area. Considering these factors, it seems unlikely that Hollywood Tour will reopen any time soon.

Alfred Hitchcock welcomes riders in the station of Hollywood Tour © Dark Ride Database

Hollywood Tour opened in 1990 and depicted various scenes from classic Hollywood films, such as Jaws, Tarantula, Dracula and King Kong. The ride contained an Intamin boat ride system. Animatronics were built by Hofmann Figuren.

Since Phantasialand hasn’t released an official statement yet, it is not sure if Hollywood Tour is closed for good. However, the park has limited expansion space. One could expect the Hollywood Tour to be replaced for a new ride.

On ride video of Hollywood Tour (by Ride Review on YouTube)