Ghostly Manor: Paulton’s Park reveal 2025 Dark Ride

Ghostly Manor
Promotional image for Ghostly Manor (© Paultons Park)

Since the start of the season, Paulton’s Park (Romsey, United Kingdom) has been teasing a new ride that’s under construction in the former 4D Cinema building. Today, the park revealed new details of the upcoming family interactive show ride, called Ghostly Manor, set to open in May 2025.

At its ‘Super Fans’ behind the scenes event today, the park announced the name of the attraction along with details about the experience. Ghostly Manor will be an interactive, revolving theatre style ride, in which guests shoot escaped ghosts in the house of paranormal explorer Dr Kinley. The attraction will be located in the former 4D cinema building, which is currently closed.

The ride system is a turntable that is divided in 5 sections. Each section has a carriage where 8 riders can sit back-to-back in rows of 4. It seems that the carriages can rotate to alternate between looking inwards for physical sets and outwards for media based interaction.

Each seat is equipped with a “Phantom Phaser” that guests will use to shoot ghosts appearing on screens surrounding the turntable. Paulton’s Park also published a promotional website,, although no further details have been released at this time.