Ghost Train overhaul teased by Thorpe Park

Key visual for Ghost Train (© Thorpe Park)
Key visual for Ghost Train (© Thorpe Park)

On 1 February Thorpe Park (England) teased a new experience coming to their park: an overhaul to their existing show ride Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. The largely VR experience will be making way for a more traditional one, reusing the theme of the haunted train and its simulator technology. A video was shared by the park featuring an ominous figure looming over the ride’s facade. The novelty is slated to open sometime during Spring 2023.

Originally opened in 2016, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train was presented as a complete re-imagining of the ghost train concept. The development was spearheaded by British illusionist Derren Brown, who lend his name to promote the ride. In this literal interpretation of the term, guests would find themselves aboard an old train carriage suspended from chains in a warehouse, which turns out is haunted. A tracked system, simulator, VR technology and scare actors all worked in conjunction to offer guests a unique and frightful experience, which took about 15 minutes.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train © Dark Ride Database

After 7 years of operation, the park has decided to revamp the ride, dropping the association with Brown and even forgoing the utilisation of VR headsets. Thorpe Park explains on their website that ”this next generation of Ghost Train will take you on a harrowing ride into the realms to where the supernatural believers call home.”

Concrete information on the revamp remains scarce. The park promises a completely new storyline and ”multisensory effects”, and confirms the continued use of scare actors. In addition, they make sure to state that ”there’s nothing virtual about this petrifying experience”, confirming the removal of the VR aspects.

Video teasing Ghost Train (© Thorpe Park)

Due to the nature of the attraction and the little information given on this retheme, it is possible that the new Ghost Train will not qualify for an entry in the Dark Ride Database. We will keep you updated.