Compagnie des Alpes invests €304 million in Futuroscope

Last Friday, Futuroscope’s park operator Compagnie des Alpes announced that the park will get an investment of €304 million. The park, located near Poitiers in France, is a futuristic theme park which focusses mainly on innovative show rides.

Dominique Marcel highlights: “The primary objective is to consolidate and develop the site as an exceptional short-stay destination, and to bring people from further afield, French and European alike”

Futuroscope will use this money for two projects. €200 million will be used to upgrade the existing park and rides. The park will add three new rides, opening in 2026 at the latest. The other 104 million euros will be used to construct a new ‘park’, Futuroscope 2. It consists of two hotels, an indoor waterpark called “Aquascope” and a restaurant. The expansion should create 750 direct and indirect jobs for the region and take up 224.000 square meters.

“In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, this project illustrates our desire to pursue a voluntarist long-term investment strategy” according to Marcel. “The primary objective is to transform Futuroscope, by strengthening the quality and attractiveness of the offer and by increasing reception capacities. We would very much like to exceed two million visitors in the long term.”

Last month, the park opened their latest ride: Objectif Mars. A semi-dark ride rollercoaster by Intamin.