Futuroscope announces details on semi-dark ride Mission Bermudes

Image of Mission Bermudes © Futuroscope

The French theme park Futuroscope has been expanding rapidly over the last few years, with a major coaster (Objectif Mars) opening in 2020 and a large investment plan at stake for 2021-2026. One of the park’s current projects is Mission Bermudes, a semi-dark boat ride announced in 2020. Even though some information on the general theme and ride type were already known, more details of the ride have since come to light. Last week, the plans for the new ride were revealed by the publication of a document containing the environmental impact assessment of the park’s new development.

Mission Bermudes (French for Mission Bermuda) will be built at the location of the current Jardin des Energies, a complex of gardens opened in 1990. Riders of the new ride will board special boats, setting sail for a voyage to Bermuda. A passage through narrows rocks and a section in jungle-like environment slowly build up the tension, which results in a drop down a rapid stream into a large maelstrom. After surviving the maelstrom, the boat enters a cave, where riders pass in reverse along multiple scenes. The climax involves the boats being lifted up in a large elevator, resulting in a drop from 15 meters and a big splash.

Mission Bermudes marks the first installation of Mack Rides’ new ride system Rocking Boat. The ride system was announced in 2020, and already has a prototype installation running as a small effect inside Piraten in Batavia (Europa-Park). The system combines a classic flume ride, including large splashes, with roller coaster elements. Moreover, the ride system allows the boats to rock left and ride, simulating a wild water ride. Riders take place in 8-person vehicles, which in case of the ride at Futuroscope are themed in the style of a rescue boat.

20220122 Futuroscope4
Image of the Jungle-section of the ride, alongside an image of the ride vehicle © Futuroscope

Futuroscope has been working on multiple projects since 2020, when the park announced their Vision 2025 containing an investment of € 300 million. The first new ride from this development plan is Chasseurs de Tornades, a dynamic theater opening in spring 2022. Mission Bermudes will be the second ride in this expansion. A third thrill ride, on a similar scale to Mission Bermudes, is scheduled for 2025. Apart from new rides, Futuroscope is also developing a new hotel (opening 2022) and a water park (scheduled for 2024).

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Map of Mission Bermudes © Futuroscope

Mission Bermudes
Map of Mission Bermudes © Futuroscope