No Discrimination, – You may not insult members based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. This is worse than flaming, because it also hurts other members of the board who fall into the catagory you insult. DRdb is a place where everyone is equal, and discrimination will NOT be tolerated!

No Bullying – Do not pick on other members. The worst kind of bullying is where new members are picked on. This hurts the member as well as the board.

No Flaming – Flaming harms the nice atmosphere of DRdb. It also causes threads to go off topic, and most importantly, it hurts the person being flamed. The victim may defend themselves against any accusations made to them, but may not make any additional accusations to the flamer (which also counts as flaming). Flaming is not allowed to both members and non-members of the community as wel as businesses.

No Profanity or Obscene Content – Such content does not belong on DRdb. This forum is meant for PG13 users, so keep it down a bit.

No Advertising – You are not permitted to advertise other site on DRdb. While you can post a link to any site to add sources to a discussion, you are not allowed to repeatedly post about your own site or act in such a way that the moderators think you are advertising a site.

No Double Posting or Spamming – You may not post more than once in a row in the same thread. Posting lots of times in a row reduces the quality of the board and is a waste of the board’s memory. Spamming is also not allowed, and is defined as a post that has no meaning.

No Topic Bumping – If a topic you created has no replies, you may not post again in it. If you made the thread because you need help with something, you may post again as long as you include additional information. (You must post this in the same thread, and you are not allowed to create more than one thread per topic).

No Posting Personal Info – You may not post your last name, or your street address on DRdb. This is because this information then becomes accessible to anyone. Also, you are not allowed to make public any personal correspondence without the implicit permission of the other party.



No Illegal Activity – You are not allowed to break the law using DRdb. This can get DRdb into legal trouble. This is especially thru for illegal digital material such as music, movies or games.

No copyrighted material without proper acknowledgement of the copyright owner – This means that if you post any picture, piece of text or video you have to properly acknowledgement of the copyright owner. If you want to post something but you are not sure if posting it falls within a reasonable fair use case, don’t post it.

No removing of posts in the middle of a discussion – While we can all think of times where we want to delete our posts because of what’s in them we ask you to think about this. Deleting a post can derail a discussion easily and we want to keep a discussion going. If the moderators feel that deleting a post derails a discussion they are free to repost the post.

Global matters – The DRdb community welcomes all people from around the globe. We acknoledge that other people may hold a political or religous belief that differs from your we discourage discussing those differences on the forum.



Moderators – DRdb has a small team who is responsible for moderating the forums. They will uphold the rules stated above. However, they are still human and as such can make mistakes. If you feel that a moderator made a mistake while moderating a post feel free to let us know. You can always contact us by mail on [email protected]

Moderations – Any action taken by a moderator on the forum is called a moderation. Moderations can have different functions such as bringing the topic back ontopic, correcting a member’s behavior or to change a post due to a violation of the rules.

Warnings – The moderation team can choose to officially warn a member about their behavior after several moderations or when a member makes a severe violation in a single post.

Banning – Depending on the amount of severity of a violation we may chose to ban a member for a certain period. Please note that this will only be used when we have no other options left. We’d like to keep the banhammer locked away forever.