Fort Fun refurbishes Log Flume

header wild river
Wild River, Beaver & Bear Co. Wooden Boats (© Fort Fun Abenteuerland)

Fort Fun Abenteuerland (Wasserfall, Germany) recently reopened, and debuted their new addition for 2021; a refurbishment of the “Wild River” log flume. This isn’t their first refurbishment in recent years, the park already carried out some work on their Bear Rides Rapid “Rio Grande” in 2020.

The ride has been renamed to ”Wild River, Beaver & Bear Co. Wooden Boats”, and now features a new storyline. The new story brings riders through the Beaver & Bear Company, where they make wooden boats just like the ones that the guests board. The ride also features some new dark ride scenes, replacing an old tunnel that sported some simple props. These new scenes grant the ride a place in the Dark Ride Database!

The ride originally opened in 1979 as the first mechanical attraction at the park. It used to be themed to a simple sawmill, but the park decided that the ride needed something extra for families, deciding to add the new story and props.

headerbild wild river 2021 BBCO1
One of the outdoor scenes (© Fort Fun Abenteuerland)
On ride video on YouTube (by World of Parks TV)