FlyOver Las Vegas will open September 1st

FlyOver Las Vegas
The Real Wild West (©FlyOver Las Vegas)

Pursuit will open a new installation of their FlyOver chain, this time in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States). FlyOver is a chain of stand alone flying theatres. FlyOver Las Vegas is the fourth location to open after FlyOver Canada (Vancouver), FlyOver America (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and FlyOver Iceland (Reykjavík). FlyOver Las Vegas will welcome visitors from September 1st.

All FlyOver flying theatres are built by Brogent Technologies from Taiwan, a company that manufactures media based rides and specialises in flying theatres. This new installation will show riders a new ride film: The Real Wild West, with footage of the South-Western states of the USA. Pursuit published a preview of the film on their YouTube channel:

The Real Wild West preview (by Pursuit via YouTube)

FlyOver Las Vegas is located on the south part of the iconic Las Vegas strip, close to other well known attractions such as the Big Apple Coaster.