Flood causes damage to Disneyland’s ‘It’s A Small World’

Exterior of ‘It’s A Small World’ © Roller Coaster Traveller

One of Disneyland’s (Anaheim, U.S.A.) most iconic dark rides will not be operating for the time being. Due to an error during works on the ride, the machine room of It’s A Small World has flooded and requires repairs before the ride can reopen.

Each year, It’s A Small World receives a holiday overlay at the end of the year. The flume of the ride is emptied during the transformation to make it easier for the workers. According to OC Register, the flood incident occured when the flume was refilled. Disneyland has not released any information on what caused the flood.

Disneyland has not released any official information on the reopening of the ride. It might be possible that the ride remains closed for the remainder of the year.

Interior of ‘It’s A Small World’ © Frédéric Beck