First stone in place for Jumanji – The Adventure

Gardaland Laying 1st stone Jumanji ok scaled 1
The first stone, presented by Jumanji characters. (© Gardaland Resort)

Exciting times are ahead for Gardaland, as the first stone of their new dark ride has just been presented. ‘Jumanji – The Adventure’ is scheduled to open in 2022 and will be the first ride in the world that is based on the Jumanji film franchise of Sony Pictures.

Riders will board Jeeps that will take them through the jungles of Jumanji, where they will encounter many obstacles, dangerous animals and a powerfull stone giant. According to Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO of Gardaland, Jumanji – The Adventure will be the most expensive dark ride that Merlin Entertainment ever built, with a budget of €20 million.

All ages were kept in mind when designing the ride, according to Vigevani; “We believe that this new dark ride for families and teenagers will be welcomed with great enthusiasm.” The first stone ceremony already shows the willingness to stay immersive in the theme with the addition of the Jumanji characters, which displays great promise for the future of the attraction.

The ride will be located on the former location of Ramses: Il Risveglio that closed earlier this year. The Egyptian style dark ride found its origin in 1987 when it opened as “La Valle dei Re”. Jumanji – The Adventure will feature a complete new ride system and theming.

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Concept art of Jumanji – The Adventure (© Merlin Entertainment)