Fire in the Hole of Silver Dollar City will close in 2023

Fire in the Hole
Promotional image of FIre in the Hole (© Silver Dollar City)

Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO – U.S.A.) has announced the ‘grand finale’ of Fire in the Hole, meaning that the classic dark ride is about to close. The attraction that is over 50 years old will cease operation after the 2023 season. The park is encouraging fans to take the opportunity to ride the attraction one last time this year to give it a deserving goodbye.

Fire in the Hole is a combination of an indoor rollercoaster and dark ride. The attraction opened in 1972 and was designed by Herschend Family Entertainment, owner of Silver Dollar City. The ride’s theme is based on the history of the town of Marmaros, a former village near the location of Silver Dollar City. The village relied on mining in the nearby Marvel Cave, and was left abandoned when the mining ceased. The ghost town was later destroyed by fire, which is rumoured to have been caused by group of vigilantes known as the Baldknobbers. Visitors of the attraction are asked to join the fire brigade to help fight the blaze of Marmaros. Scenes of the attraction include the Marvel Cave and the burning village.

Silver Dollar City announced the closure of the attraction today on various channels: “The world’s most historic indoor roller coaster will take its final rides through the iconic burning town of Marmaros during the 2023 season. It’s your last chance to squeal in delight as you plummet through the darkness and scream FIRE—IN—THE—HOLE!” states a press-release by the park. Silver Dollar City has not revealed the reason for the closure of the attraction.

There is a similar attraction in Dollywood, also owned/operated by Herschend Family Entertainment, called Blazing Fury, that opened in 1978.

Closure announcement of the attraction in a live-stream (starting 3:00) (© Silver Dollar City)
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