Fatal accident at Glenwood Caverns’ Haunted Mine Drop

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A six-year-old girl was fataly injured when an accident occured at the Haunted Mine Drop at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park (Glenwood Springs – Colorado) on Sunday September 5th. While it is unclear how the accident happened, reports tell that the girl may have fallen off the ride.

Glennwood Caverns Adventure Park released a short statement on Twitter the following morning, confirming the accident. The park remained closed on Monday and Tuesday while the accident was investigated. CBSLocal reports that first responders were called in for “a party that fell out of the shaft ride”, indicating that the girl may have fallen from the ride into the shaft.


The Haunted Mine Drop is a unique tower ride that opened in 2017. With a station on top of a mountain, riders are dropped 30 meters (100 feet) down into a shaft in the mountain, afterwards they are raised back up. The ride contains a storyline and mostly multimedia scenes to tell a story. The ride was designed by the park themselves and contains a ride system by Soaring Eagle Ziplines. Riders are not held in place by any mechanical restrains but by multiple seat belts.

Haunted Mine Drop onride video (by CoasterForce, via YouTube)