Fantasy Springs opens at Tokyo DisneySea

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Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival at Fantasy springs (© Walt Disney Imagineering)

The highly detailed and anticipated Fantasy Springs has officially opened at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan. This new area includes 3 dark rides and a car ride. The attractions are spread out over the 3 subsections, called Peter Pan’s Never land”, Rapunzel’s Forest” and “Frozen Kingdom“.

Fantasy Springs has been hosting previews for some time now, with the first images and video’s being released in May. These images show off the four rides of the land, all based on Disney’s intellectual properties. Two of these are boat rides, with the first one being Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey in Frozen Kingdom. This ride doesn’t follow the same formula of Frozen Ever After as seen in Epcot, Hong Kong and upcoming in Walt Disney Studios, but instead focuses on retelling the first Frozen movie. This is done with animatronics, projections and other state of the art effects to portray water freezing, ice spikes and even a frozen Anna coming back to life.

Onride video of Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey (by WDW News Today on YouTube)

The second boat ride is Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival in Rapunzel’s Forest. This ride, like Frozen Journey, follows the events of the movie it is based on. It is, however, a more compact version of the story, leaving out characters like Mother Gothel and mostly focusing on the relationship between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The ride also starts outside, making it qualify as a semi-dark ride.

Onride video of Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival (by WDW News Today on YouTube)

The final two rides are located in Peter Pan’s Never Land. These are Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure and Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies, with the latter being an outdoor car ride rather than a dark ride. Never Land Adventures is a trackless 3D multimedia dark ride. It uses a combination of screens and physical sets, with riders wearing 3D glasses to fully experience the effects. An interesting point of note in the design are the walls on the side of the ride vehicles, allowing riders to only view what is in front of them.

Onride video of Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure (by LMG Vids on YouTube)

Busy Buggies itself is located in Pixie hollow, which itself is a subsection in Peter Pan’s Never Land. It sees guests boarding vehicles to assist Tinkerbell with her delivery of packages through the season in Pixie Hollow. Guests are the size of fairies in this attraction, featuring some huge creatures such as ladybugs and mice.