Europa-Park reveals boats for Piraten in Batavia

20200519 Piraten 1
One of the boats for Piraten in Batavia – image derived from the making of video

In 2020 Europa-Park will open the new version of Piraten in Batavia. The classic dark ride burnt down in 2018, but the park has worked hard on designing a version of the ride. Earlier the park showed us how the design for the new ride came into being, based on the drawings of the old design. Last week, the park released a new making of video.

In the video the workshop of Mack Rides is shown, where the boats for the new ride are under construction. Dominic Schaetzle, workshop leader, talks about the design of the boats. The boats are currently being finished, which means that all parts of the boats (seats, decorations, main body) need to be combined.

20200519 Piraten2
Design of the boats for Piraten in Batavia – derived from the making of video

20200519 Piraten3
Dominic Schaetzle shows the boats in the workshop – image derived from the making of video

Art Director Pascal Heinzelmann tells more about the queue line and the sequence of the ride. He tells us that the new ride starts in Holland, in Amsterdam, where the old ride immediately dropped its visitors into the Indonesian city of Batavia. He explains that the queue line passes through a cafe in Amsterdam, where you feel the ‘pirate spirit’ and you get to know the main characters of the ride. When entering the ride, you are still in Amsterdam and you pass through some canals before you enter a tropical jungle. From the jungle you eventually end up in Indonesia.

Piraten in Batavia is set to open in 2020, but an opening date has not yet been announced. Europa-Park will re-open its doors after the Covid-19 closure on the 29th of May.