Etnaland opens Casa dei 44 Gatti-dark ride

La Casa dei 44 Gatti (© Etnaland)

Italian theme park Etnaland has opened a new dark ride: La Casa dei 44 Gatti (The House of the 44 Cats). Italy’s newest dark ride is based on the Italian ‘44 Gatti‘ cartoon series. The ride opened when the park reopened for the 2021 season on July 16th.

The TV-series follows four cats on their daily adventures and those of their band ‘The Buffycats’. Both the show and dark ride aim at young children as the target audience. In a preview, shown on the park’s YouTube channel, the ride vehicles are shown to be couches, moving sidewards through the building.

Etnaland, near the Etna volcano on the Island of Sicilia, originally scheduled the ride to open in 2020, but the outbreak of Covid-19 kept the park closed for the complete 2020 season. The park already had a scary dark ride called ‘The School‘.

Preview video (© Etnaland)