DRdb expands with company pages

Partnered Manufacturers wit

Today marks a big day for the Dark Ride Database! On this 1st of February, we expand with special pages dedicated to the manufacturers of dark rides. Each of the companies listed on the Dark Ride Database now has its own page, on which you can find information on the company and look up all the dark rides that the company has worked on. On top of that, we partnered with nine manufacturers who have larger pages, including extra information and a list of their specific products.

The addition of company pages marks another step in making the Dark Ride Database even more complete. After listing all operating dark rides in the world from 2020 to 2021, and the addition of the archive with closed rides in 2022, the company pages are a new step in collecting more information on dark rides on our website. The addition of specific pages for manufacturers also makes it easier to search for all rides that a specific company worked on, since all rides are now listed on the manufacturer page.

For each company we list a brief history and contact data. However, nine companies partnered with Dark Ride Database to create elaborate pages, including info on their works and a gallery of pictures of their rides. These companies are Jora Vision, Brogent Technologies, Lagotronics Projects, Vekoma, Boldmove Nation, Simtec, ART Engineering, Gosetto and ETF Ride Systems. They also have the possibilities to link the rides on our website to their specific products, such as ETF Ride System’s Mystic Mover.

Company Pages