Dome Ride Theater concept reintroduced by Intamin and Attraktion!

Dome Ride Theater
Concept art for the “Dome Ride Theater” (© Intamin Amusmement Rides)

Well known rides manufacturer Intamin and Attraktion!, known for their 3D theatres and dome rides, released a teaser for their new concept: the Dome Ride Theater. Presented as ”the world’s most immersive ride”, it aims to put riders in the middle of the action by means of a ring spinning inside of a completely enclosed spherical dome. Movement, video, audio and special effects are combined to create a one of a kind experience.

Intamin will be manufacturing the ride system part of the ride, which is a large rotating ring. According to Intamin, up to 80 guests can be seated in it at once, all of which will sit equal distance from the centre which they will be facing. Every seat offers a slightly different viewing angle. The ring is held in place via two arms at opposite ends which allow it to tilt up to +/- 30 degrees to both sides, similar to a Mad House.

In addition, the seats are floor-less and the portion guests are seated on can rotate around its own axis up to 6 revolutions per minute. After boarding, the centre platform is lowered to the bottom of the dome so riders are presented with a 360 degrees view during the ride.

The impressive dome will be constructed by the Austria based Attraktion!. High density panels of LEDs make up both halves of the spherical dome which measures 16,6 meters in diameter and a height of 13,6 meters. Each half features a resolution of 6K. Also the movable platform is equipped with LEDs which gives the Dome Ride Theater a total of roughly 75 million pixels. A 16-channel audio system is hidden behind the screen in addition to each seat’s stereo plus front speakers. Addition options include seat vibrators and wind effects. In theory, even stereoscopic 3D imagery can be displayed.

The Dome Ride Theater concept dates back to 2014 during when it was first announced at AAE Beijing. Originally, an installation was supposed to open at Lewa Adventure (Xi’an, Shaanxi – China), but it did not do so. Following this reintroduction, Intamin announced that an installation has been sold to an undisclosed site in the Middle East.

Intamin Dome Ride Theater3
Concept art for the “Dome Ride Theater” (© Intamin Amusmement Rides)
Intamin Dome Ride Theater4
Concept art for the “Dome Ride Theater” (© Intamin Amusmement Rides)