Danse Macabre’s possible ride system leaks

Schematic rendering of Danse Macabre
Schematic rendering of Danse Macabre (Source: Looopings.nl)

A rendering of the possible ride system for Efteling’s (Netherlands) Danse Macabre leaked earlier today. According to Dutch themepark blog Looopings.nl, who spoke to several people involved with the project, the ride system will feature a never seen before motion rig with several ride vehicle on top of a rotating platform.

Back in the middle of May we reported on Danse Macabre after the Efteling released a first piece of concept art of the exterior. Back then the mayor rumour was that the ride would feature the, yet unbuild, Dome Ride Theater by Swiss manufacturer Intamin. Sources now say that Danse Macabre will use a different ride system.

The system will consist of a motion base consisting of six hydraulic cylinders with a, possibly rotating, platform on top. On that platform several ride vehicles can be seen. According to the Efteling the ride will have a theoretic capacity of 1250 visitors an hour and be suitable for visitors of 8 years and up. It is yet unknown who will supply the ride system.

A similar ride system was once used in a ride in the Dutch Openluchtmuseum, called HollandRama. The ride system consisted of a round platform with normal rowed seating. The motion-base was simpler, but somewhat capable of the same movements as the motion base shown in the Danse Macabre simulation. The ride itself featured several physical and digital scenes showing the history of the Netherlands. The ride opened in 1999 and was removed in 2015 to make way for the Canon of Holland exposition.

Several pictures of the HollandRama ride system

The new ride will use a combination of physical sets and projections to bring Saint-Saëns famous Danse Macabre to life and thus staying close to the Spookslot. The physical sets have a great resemblance to the Spookslot sets. The green violin, which is currently one of the mains props in the Spookslot, will also return to the new ride. Along with the violin a ghostly conductor can be seen in front of an organ. The ghost is part of the original sketches designer Ton van de Ven made for the 1978 Spookslot, but it never made it into the ride due to budget constraints.

Several elements of the interior design can also be found on an also leaked image of the outside of the ride. The ride is expected to open in the 2024. Spookslot will remain open for the summer season of 2022 before it’s demolished in the fall and winter of the same year.