Curse at Alton Manor will open next month

Artwork for Curse at Alton Manor
Artwork for Curse at Alton Manor (© Merlin Entertainments)

Alton Towers has announced an opening date for their rethemed Duel-dark ride. Curse at Alton Manor, the newest attraction of the park, will open on 18 March, which coincides with the season start of Alton Towers.

Last week, Alton Towers invited several Alton Towers-fans and vloggers to visit a pop-up life-sized doll house in London. The house featured several jumpscares, but also clues as to what is to come in the new dark ride. The park revealed that Curse at Alton Manor will open when the park itself does for the 2023 summer season.

Alton Towers began working on the retheming of the attraction in September, right after the closure of Duel, the former interactive haunted house. The park already gave hints on what to expect, with references to a cursed child that wants to play, a frequent theme in horror movies. According to the park’s website, the new dark ride will be ”taking you on a hair-raising journey through the spectacular twists and turns of the cursed Manor.” They also claim it will be their most immersive dark ride to date and contain “special effects and visuals that have never been seen before from a UK theme park”.

Promotional video of Curse of Alton Manor (© Alton Towers via YouTube)
Curse of Alton Manor
“I want to play” hint, visible in red (© Dark Ride Database)