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Theme parks are known for a variety of rides, such as rollercoasters, water rides and carousels. One popular type of theme park rides are dark rides. These rides consist of a transportation system that takes riders through a building with a number of scenes. Dark rides are often highly immersive rides and contain a lot of theming. The purpose of this website is to create an overview of all dark rides in the world, and collect as much information as possible about these rides. In doing so, we try to share information on ride systems, animatronics, theming, design and technical installations, as well as information of the manufacturers of all these elements.

Along with the dark rides, this website also collects information about related types of rides. Such are semi-dark rides, transportation systems taking place in the open air for a part of the ride time, but which contain an enclosed building with scenes at one point in the ride. Another category of related rides is the category that we dubbed ‘show rides’. These are rides like madhouses, simulators, interactive theatres, and flying theatres and 3D films. They share their sense for immersiveness and storytelling with the general (semi)-dark ride, but they do not contain a transportation system moving throughout a building.



Besides creating the overview of the rides, this website is also dedicated to publishing news items and specials about rides and/or manufacturers. When we opened our website on 1 April 2020, we only focussed on existing rides in Europe, as part of Phase I of our website. Since then two new phases have been launched: “The Americas” on 1 October 2020 and “The rest of the world” on our first anniversary. Since 1 April 2022, our second anniversary, the database also includes an ‘archive’ with dark rides and show rides that don’t exist any longer. Our latest expansion to date came in February 2023, when we added manufacturer pages.