Building of Kunibert’s Abenteuer closed

Kuniberts Abenteuer picture v3
Concept art via Lagotronics

In 2020 the German park Freizeitpark Klotten is planning to open their first dark ride. Kunibert’s Abenteuer will be an interactive dark ride revolving around the knight Kunibert. The ride is designed by Lagotronics Projects.

Last week, Freizeitpark Klotten showed a picture of the exterior of the ride’s building, which is now completely closed. The building is themed as if it is the castle of Knight Kunibert. The structure of the building already existed for many years and stands underneath the roller coaster ‘Heiße Fahrt’ and the flume ride ‘Zum Rittersturz’.

20200427 Klotten
The closed building of the ride. Picture from the park’s Facebook-page

It is yet unknown when the ride will open for public. Freizeitpark Klotten has partly opened its doors on the 23rd of April. The zoo-part of the park is open, but the rides and playground remain closed until further notice. It is not known whether Kunibert’s Abenteuer is ready to open for public when the rest of the park is allowed to open.