BoldMove’s first Smash & Reload dark ride will open in Le Pal

Smash & Reload concept art (© Boldmove)

French theme park Le Pal (Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre) will open a new interactive dark ride in 2023. The new attraction will be a Smash & Reload ride, designed by Belgian company BoldMove. The new ride will be both the company’s and the park’s very first dark ride.

Smash & Reload is a dark ride concept developed by BoldMove’s Founder and CEO Benoit Cornet. It is a very compact ride with a circular lay-out, five vehicles and a capacity of 400 riders per hour. Le Pal’s Smash & Reload will contain five scenes in BoldMove’s ‘TooMush‘-theme, a co-development with its French partner Polymorph. Visitors of the high-energy ride have to restore transformed mushrooms in order to save the city. During a 4-minute ‘double-action’ gameplay, players reload their weapons by pushing a button in between each scene to be ready for the next one, hence the name of the game. The ride is accessible and suitable for all ages, with high-scoring system to challange the more competitive players.

Boldmove2 a
Scale model of Smash & Reload, presented on the IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 (© Dark Ride Database)

The interactive systems for the ride are supplied by BoldMove’s Canadian partner Triotech, while the ride system will be manufactured by Gosetto fomr Italy. The queue line and exterior design of the building will be done by BoldMove’s creative team.

Le Pal’s new dark ride will be located inside the building that now houses the Ciné Dynamik 3D. The show ride, that will close later this year, is a 3D cinema that uses a simulator-style ride system. It opened in 2000 and consists of 2 vehicles for 25 passengers each. The compact Smash & Reload ride perfectly fits the existing infrastructure, so construction can be limited.

Ciné Dynamik 3D (© Steven Clarijs)