Terra Magma: Bobbejaanland reveals name for rethemed Indiana River

Terra Magma Logo
Logo design for Terra Magma (© Bobbejaanland)

Last year, Belgian theme park Bobbejaanland announced the closure of their beloved indoor boat ride Indiana River. The ride was to receive a retheme, which was later revealed to include volcanic elements. Even though some concepts of the exterior were already shown, the name of the new ride had not been revealed until this week. Last Tuesday, Bobbejaanland officially announced the name Terra Magma.

Along with the announcement of the name Terra Magma, the park also announced the scheduled opening date to be in May 2023. As was announced before, the ride will be part of a new themed area called ‘Mystery Volcano’. The concepts for the new ride and area were created by KCC Entertainment Design. Together with the park, they put forward three different themes for the ride, which were shown as part of a poll. The park announced in September 2022 that they had opted for this volcano theme.

Indiana River was a unique, completely indoor flume in the theme of classic Mesoamerican cultures like the Mayas and Incas. The idea for the ride was conceived by the park’s founder Bobbejaan Schoepen himself. It was further developed by 4D Enterprises, who partnered with Intamin Amusement Rides to create the transport system and Scenesetters Animation to create the animatronics. Indiana River opened partially finished in 1991 and was officially opened in 1992. The ride closed on 7 November 2022.

Mystery Volcano
Concept art for Mystery Volcano (© Bobbejaanland)