Final operating day of Indiana River before the retheme

Indiana River
Indiana River during its final evening (© Dark Ride Database)

At the start of this season, Bobbejaanland announced that it would be the last operating season for their Indiana River dark ride in its current form. The 30-year old log flume will receive a retheme for the 2023 season. Today was the last day of operation for this classic and team DRdb was present to report on its closure.

Indiana River is a unique, completely indoor flume in the theme of classic Mesoamerican cultures like the Mayas and Incas. The idea for the ride was conceived by the park’s founder Bobbejaan Schoepen himself. It was further developed by 4D Enterprises, who partnered with Intamin Amusement Rides to create the transport system and Scenesetters Animation to create the animatronics. Indiana River opened partially finished in 1991 and was officially opened in 1992.

Goodbye Indiana River 3
One of the mysterious characters on the ride (© Dark Ride Database)

Even though during the summer the ”Night of Indiana River” event was held to symbolically say goodbye, the true final rounds were run today. Quite unceremoniously, a handful of fans showed up to attend the closure, after which select staff members got the privilege of stepping into one of the hollowed out tree trunks one last time.

Regarding the closure, Bobbejaanland mentions on their Instagram page: ”Our colleagues just said goodbye to Indiana River in style. After 30 beautiful years, the attraction will be given a completely new theme this winter. Curious about the planned works? Keep an eye on our social media for all updates!”

Goodbye Indiana River 5
Goodbye Indiana River! (© Bobbejaanland)

While the Intamin log flume system will remain in place, the exterior and interior will be given a new look. Earlier this year, Bobbejaanland released three different concepts for the new ride to review reactions. The park announced in September that the new version will revolve around a volcano, a project under the working title Mystery Volcano. The concepts arts were made by the Belgian KCC Entertainment Design.

Mystery Volcano
Concept art for Mystery Volcano (© Bobbejaanland)