Barry’s Amusements saved, Ghost Train might reopen

Barry's Amusements
Barry’s Ghost Train (© Dead Walk Designs)

Barry’s Amusements in the North-Irish town Portrush has been closed since 2019, being left closed through the pandemic, with the intention of a sale. The park contained a dark ride, the Ghost Train which was redesigned in 2018. Michael Herbert, a property developer, bought the park’s land in 2021, which seemingly meant the end of Barry’s Amusements’ life. However, Herbert’s intentions turned out to be different from what one might have expected.

Instead of redeveloping the park to accommodate housing, Herbert leased the site to the Curry Family. The family is already known for operating Curry’s Fun Park in Galway, Ireland. Certain rides, such as the Big Dipper, have been seen testing since the lease was granted, giving people a good hope for the park to reopen. Some rides were unfortunately already sold.

Barry’s Amusements contained one Dark Ride Database registered ride upon its closure: the Ghost Train. This Ghost Train was completely redesigned by Dead Walk Design in 2018, keeping as much of its legacy while becoming a modern dark ride. This ride didn’t leave the park and thus has a big chance of operating again when the Curry Family reopens the park. It is however still uncertain whether the ride will reopen, and when the park reopens.